Michael Zizis – The Four Corners

The Four Corners of the Living Circle

by Michael Zizis

Michael is one of our best known astrologers in Canada. He is also a survivor. His father and brother died of alcoholism. His mother withdrew into decades of silence and saintly martyrdom. Among astrologers, he is a gifted athlete, and among athletes he is the most gifted astrologer. His clients range the entire english speaking world. He combines wit, mythology, poetry and the songs of experience. He is a published poet and highly regarded teacher. He has been counseling folks since 1974.


This is a beyond-basics talk about liberation thru information. There are fournarratives, four story arcs in your living and changing horoscope. The ascendant, the IC, the seventh house cusp, and the MC will speak to us blazing with light, if and when we listen. This talk begins in the enigma of the number four, and proceeds through the mysteries of I – Thou, self and other. This is an illumination of the four stations like you’ve never seen before. And, Michael’s enrichment of you’re appreciation of astrological light may illuminate your path for years to come. Astrology beyond science is our most amazing organizing principle. What are you waiting for?

Who am I?

Who are You?

Who am I within myself?

Who am I in the world of accomplishment & career?


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