Off the Grid : Out of Bounds Planets ~ Wendy Guy

 Off the Grid : Out of Bounds Planets

Out-of-Bounds planetsBesides measuring the planets along the zodiac, we also take note of where they are above or below that line, called declination. The Sun’s declination goes only as far as 23:26 degrees north or south of our equator (which we call the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn). However, sometimes the planets wander farther north or south than the Sun goes. We call this being Out of Bounds (OOB). The planet’s quality stretches beyond its usual expression and energy. How does a planet behave when it is Out of Bounds? Do all planets go OOB? What does it mean when you’re born with an OOB planet, and how do you know if you have one? What’s the best way to work with the Out of Bounds energy? This lecture will take you for an adventure tour “off the grid” to discover a whole new way to experience, interpret and understand planetary energies.

If possible, please bring a copy of your natal chart that includes the planets’ declinations. If you don’t have a printout of your chart with declinations, you can get one for free at under Free Horoscopes. When you’ve created your chart page there, click the Additional Tables link which displays your chart’s declinations. The page is in PDF format and can be printed.

Wendy Guy began her astrological journey 45 years ago, going professional in the 1980s. She was a frequent lecturer in the early days of Astrology Toronto, and has taught classes in both astrology and Solar Fire software. A former editor of AT’s Midheaven newsletter, she later formed her own newsletter/magazine, Transitions, which eventually seeded her current website, Evolving Door Astrology. Wendy is also a skilled webmaster and has a growing business offering a range of website services. She has an international astrology clientele, and her writing passion is poured into her popular and extensive website:

Saturday, May 2nd 1.30 pm @ Centering Space, 59 Cambridge Ave., Toronto Free to members


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