Priscilla Costello – May 14th 1.30pm ~ 4.30 pm

“Astrology in the Renaissance”

ReniassanceAstrology had a renaissance too (as it has now) in the Renaissance.  What was the “Elizabethan Worldview” and how is it still the astrological world view?  How did great artists (like Botticelli) and writers (like Shakespeare) express that perspective?  The issues then (religion vs spirituality, individuality vs orthodoxy, fate vs free will) are still relevant today.                                                                      (Priscilla will also include bonus material on Neptune and the current Saturn-Neptune square.)

Priscilla Costello

Priscilla Costello, M.A., Dipl. CAAE (Canadian Association for Astrological Education), is a counseling astrologer, speaker, and writer with a professional practice spanning over 30 years.  She has spoken widely throughout the U.S. and Canada, at numerous conferences sponsored by NCGR, AFA, SOTA, and UAC and at Lilydale… more


Shakespeare and the Stars: The Secret Astrological Keys to Understanding the World’s Greatest Playwright.This book offers fresh and exciting insights into the ever-popular works of the world’s Shakespeare-Cover-webgreatest playwright. It explores six of Shakespeare’s greatest masterpieces through the lens of the Elizabethan worldview, which includes the spheres of the planets with all their myriad associations. This provides a rich language of interlinked symbols lending vitality to his poetic creation. The six plays are A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, The Merchant of Venice, Macbeth, The Tempest, and King Lear.

The Weiser Concise Guide to Practical Astrology (2008) is a lucid and WGC-Practical-Astology-smallaccessible introduction to the basic principles of modern astrology.  Exploring practical, psychological, and philosophical interpretations of astrological symbols, this book reveals the many and multi-level meanings of zodiacal signs, planets, houses, and aspects and gives you the skills to apply them to chart interpretation.  It develops sequentially so it is easy to follow, and it leads logically to the practical section that  applies the theory to Oprah Winfrey’s horoscope as an example.



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