When the Past becomes our Present – Sept 24th 2016

A panel of seasoned astrologers will discuss with all present, the movement of some major planets ~ where they have been and whence they will travel.

Astrology is an awesome language for understanding how past conditions and conditioning’s come into play in our present circumstances.

Our discussion will be about what Jupiter in Virgo has left us with and what we might hope for as it travels through Libra, sextiling Saturn,  and opposing Uranus not to mention squaring Pluto. What might we expect in 2017 from Saturn conjunct the galactic center, trine Uranus in the later degrees of Aries. As well as eclipses moving into Leo and Aquarius.

Bring your questions, insights, theories, and speculations.  The panel will consist of

Julie Simmons; Michael Barwick and others


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