Tools for your Toolbox

Tools for Your Toolbox!astrology-tools

Understanding the Degrees:          Is there a difference between 4° and 5°?  What kind of energy stands behind the degree?  What degrees are more powerful?   Degrees can be used for more than dividing the houses, and signs. This is a unique and simple tool for any astrologer’s toolbox.  Yet in its simplicity it is powerfully potent.  Once you learn this technique, you may be tempted to always use it. We also will go through the meaning of all the significant degrees.

Who’s the Boss?:

The discovery of the dominant planet can reveal a profound insight of the chart’s potency. Some charts don’t have a dominant planet. What then? What does your chart reveal? Using dispositor-ships can be a great treasure hunt for a new perspective in a chart. We shall go through the technique of dispositor-ships, revealing the inner core of the charts behaviour

This presentation will explain to you the real energy that motivates a chart. This simple technique will bring to you a new way to look at a chart.


Rev. Marilyn Mazzotta c.a.p., is a Certified Astrologer, Medium, reader of the Tarot, Numerology, Runes, and many other tools. For over 40 years she has worked as a lecturer, teacher, author, and a clairvoyant medium reader internationally. Marilyn is a current member of ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research; AFAN (Association for Astrological Networking); Astrology Toronto; Spiritualist Church of Canada, and the International Spiritualist Union.


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