Kelly Surtees – Intuition, imagination and information- March 11 2017 –

‘Intuition, imagination and information: a fresh look at the Moon and Mercury’

kellys-astrology-headshotIntuition, Imagination and Information – Kelly Surtees
The Moon is the main transmitter of influences, including information. See how the Moon and Mercury work together to create a mental, learning and communication profile that is unique to you. We’ll explore the speed of your Moon and Mercury, and discuss what their different rates of motion mean for you. Oriental and occidental influences of Mercury will also be included. Discover what your chart says about how you absorb knowledge and learn. Discover new ways to express yourself.

Kelly is a full time professional astrologer who shares her passion for astrology through client consults, teaching and writing. With more than 15 years in private practice, Kelly is experienced, friendly and insightful. Kelly’s specialty areas include predictive astrology and incorporating traditional techniques into modern practice. Kelly has lectured at conferences like UAC, ISAR, FAA and NCGR. She teaches an online 18 month training program in astrology. An Aussie by birth Kelly divides her time between Canada and Australia, and regularly teaches in the US. Find out more about her work via her website, or catch up with Kelly on Facebook and Twitter.

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1 Response to Kelly Surtees – Intuition, imagination and information- March 11 2017 –

  1. Susan Adams says:

    First time on this website. Looking forward to attending the March 11th meeting at the Centering Space.

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