Joanne McDonough ~ Venus through her Looking Glass

Venus Through Her Looking Glass

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?  Does the outer image reflect your core values, tastes and preferences or does a stranger return your gaze?  Take a walk through Venus’ looking glass and explore via myth, archetype and astrology how this planetary force shapes individual concepts of value, pleasure and desire in everyday life.

  • Explore the many expressions of Venus in a natal chart by sign, house placement and aspects formed.
  • Look at lovers and relationships through Venus’ lens of pleasure received and desire fulfilled.
  • Connect issues of worth and value to how money and personal resources are used.
  • Discover how different planets forming aspects to natal Venus refine and influence this ‘personal’ planet’s expression.
  • Delve into Venus’ shadow and see the areas of life where envy and disillusionment may be experienced.

Integrate Venus into your life and see a beautiful and complete individual reflected in your looking glass.

joanne-mcdonoughJoanne is originally from New York City and currently lives in Toronto. Merlin, her magical fur companion walks by her side along the shores of Lake Ontario almost every day. Together they wonder at the meeting of earth with water and sky. Sadly, no dragons have yet to be seen.

Joanne’s interest in astrology began over 40 years ago and grew along with a conventional career in health care and education. She raised a family while completing an AD in Nursing, a BA in History and Anthropology and a MA in Public Administration. She supports the larger astrological community through her membership in Astrology Toronto, CAAE, NCGR, and ISAR. Her goal is to spread the news – astrology is a valuable guide to an understood life.  Find her at:

Saturday April 8th 2017 @ 1.30 pm – 4.30 pm

The Centering Space, 59 Cambridge Avenue, near Broadview and Danforth. Details and map The Centering Space

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