Donna Van Toen – Sept 16th 2017 10. 00 am – 4.30 pm The Centering Space, 59, Cambridge Ave, Toronto

Transiting Uranus: Deconstruction and Reconstruction

 Uranus triggers both breakdowns and breakthroughs – there is growth whether you want it or not! What’s more, it’s rarely what you expect. The workshop will emphasize aspects between transiting Uranus and natal planets (and possibly the big four asteroids too if there’s interest). Donna will discuss some minor aspects like the semi-square and sesquiquadrate. Also there will be a very brief discussion of transits through the houses and where Uranus is in the phase cycle. One of these is probably relevant to you right now. More may be relevant before the year is out. Bring your chart. If time permits, Donna will put some up for discussion.


 Donna Van Toen is a Hamilton-based astrologer who teaches and sees clients. She has lectured across Canada and in many US cities as well as in Australia, Turkey, and New Zealand. She is know for both her common-sense and her humor and for presenting material you can actually use with clients or in your own life. She has over 40 years of experience in the field. Donna is also founder and convener of the annual SOTA Astrology conference and was the first president of Astrology Toronto.
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