Aerin Fogel – “Initiation through the Natal Chart” – Saturday January 13th 2018 @ 1.30 ~4.30 pm

The only way out is through. And we can say the same of our natal charts – we are born through them, live through them, and eventually pass on through them. In this discussion we will explore themes of initiation in a natal chart, and how our personal rites of passage are like seeds planted at the moment of our birth. We will explore how those seeds burst through the ground during important moments of our lives (triggered through transits and progressions), and how we can gain agency in these moments.

Our lives blossom with mastery of our charts; when each experience is seen as an initiation that we can go through (rather than around) to come out the other side transformed. We will discuss the theme and flavour of initiation that might arise through different signs, planets, aspects, and houses, as well as study examples of individuals who have transformed difficult chart signatures into incredible strengths. Please bring your chart if you would like to discuss your personal initiation journey.  

About Aerin

Aerin Fogel lives and works in Toronto practicing astrology and karmic readings. In the past she has held a horoscope column at Fashion Magazine, and currently works individually with clients and as the special events astrologer for Holt Renfrew. Aerin is the creator of Toronto feminist music festival Venus Fest, and plays music with her project Queen Of Swords. She has additionally published several fiction and creative non-fiction pieces.

‘The Centering Space ‘

 59, Cambridge Avenue, steps from Broadview Subway Station

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