Solar Flair! Tips & Tricks of Solar Fire ~ Wendy Guy

Solar Flair! Tips & Tricks of Solar Fire

Solar Fire –

it’s the most popular astrology software around and a very powerful astrology tool, but you might not know how to take advantage of all it has to offer. Wendy will demonstrate a number of ways to make Solar Fire shine! Time permitting, topics will include some or all of: customization of planets, extra/user points, aspects, colours, Wheel Designer, Page Designer and Dynamic Reports. The lecture is intended to touch on a variety of Solar Fire topics and techniques; but if there is a particular tip or trick you want to learn, send your suggestion to BY MARCH 12TH and Wendy will do her best to include that in her presentation.

About Wendy

Wendy Guy began her astrological journey over 45 years ago. She has been a Solar Fire super-user since the mid-90s, and is a frequent helping hand in the Facebook Solar Fire user group. Being skilled in computers and website design, Wendy has been described as a technological guru, and her teaching talent and methodical approach allow her to make complex information easy to understand. Through her business,, she provides webmaster services to many in the astrology community, as well as writing and maintaining her own popular astrology website, She could be persuaded to offer in-depth Solar Fire classes and private tutoring, as well as astrology classes. 🙂

Saturday April 14th 2018 1.30 – 4.30 pm

The Centering Space  59, Cambridge Avenue, steps from Broadview Subway Station

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