Vocational Astrology – Carmen Di Luccio – May 5 2018 1.30pm – 4.30pm

Vocational Astrology 

Astrology can be a powerful tool to help guide ourselves and our clients towards choosing or creating a more fulfilling vocation. This can be especially helpful today as more people are seeking and applying themselves towards a more enjoyable career that reflects who they are as a person and their life path. This has become more possible thanks to the internet opening more doors for people.

Astrology shows us our success potentials, talents, and other aspects which can be factored in when considering a vocation. Different parts of the chart can reflect different components of our vocational framework. In this talk, Carmen will be covering how to use the natal chart when considering possibilities as well as looking at forecast considerations.

About Carmen

Carmen  a full time astrologer, a writer/contributor for Collective-Evolution, and an occasional speaker. He began his journey into astrology in 2006 at a time in his life when he was going through a lot of changes and trying to find his place and purpose in the world. He now attracts many clients who are in a similar position. Contact Carmen at http://www.carmendiluccio.com/

Location: The Centering Space  59, Cambridge Avenue, steps from Broadview Subway Station

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