Bev Rostant ~ Medical Astrology ~ September 22nd 2018 1.30 – 4.30 pm ~ Inner Arts Collective


This workshop teaches the history of Medical Astrology, tension aspects in the chart, Medical Astrology symbolism for planets, signs and houses as well as using your own chart to see some of the patterns and how to recognize and read them. Bring your own chart along to work with and discuss among the group

Beverley Rostant

Bev has counseled clients nationally and internationally since 1990. She has lectured multiple times at SOTA. Bev retired from Medical Laboratory Science in 2010 a field that she previously held a license in since 1977.

Since her retirement she has been able to feed her passion for Astrology on a full time basis. She has been researching medical aspects of Astrology through her wide database comparing the old methods with new methodology. .

Bev received a Certificate of Completion for Horary Astrology taught by Alphee Lavoie 2015, as well as two recognition awards at Kingston General Hospital for Teamwork and Initiating a Laboratory Newsletter 2006.
Bev has also received recognition for sitting on the Kingston Whig Standard Editorial Board in 2002.

To contact Bev go to

Astrology Courses Offered

Basic Astrology C.A.A.E. Level I
Intermediate Astrology C.A.A.E. Level II
Medical Astrology
Progressed/ Solar Return Series
All classes are taught online through the C.A.A.E. and her website at your own pace. For more information about her courses go to

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