DONNA VAN TOEN  March 5th 1949 – December 8th 2018

It is with great sadness, we have the following news. Today Donna’s daughter Bonnie wrote, in part:

” Without tubes. without chemo, without pain, Mom died before midnight yesterday, the same way she did everything: under, her own terms and conditions. There was no-one else like her! “

DonnaVanToenDonna was instrumental in starting Astrology Toronto and was the first president. Donna did much for the astrological community, in many ways.  As a board member and student of Donna said

” she always made it (her teaching) feel that she was giving her all, it never felt like she was holding back anything, there was an honesty about it. Thanks Donna.”

Indeed, thank you Donna, for all you did for so many and for being a good friend. RIP – we will miss you.

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1 Response to DONNA VAN TOEN  March 5th 1949 – December 8th 2018

  1. Marcia Masino says:

    “ I met Donna 30 years ago, she always included me in her conferences, giving me the Astro-Tarot lecture slot. Her acknowledgment provided me with astro-community street cred and the lecture experiences served me well in the National Tarot Conferences and Lily Dale speaking engagements that were to come. She was a true occultist and embraced metaphysics with a love of learning and an open minded spirit. The last time I saw Donna was in the Spiritualist community, Lily Dale, she was wearing a multi-colored muumuu ( a gift from our mutual friend Dave, the muumuu provider) and was thrilled about the Piscean colored pattern, it took her a while to figure out how to put it on, but she got it.
    She “got” a lot of things including how spirit communication works and I know we all hope to hear from her again.”
    Thank you, Marcia L. Masino ( Best Tarot Practices, Easy Tarot Guide)

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