Uranus in Taurus Transit ~ featuring Carmen Di Luccio, Dasha Tsurkan and Michael Zizis.

Saturday April 13th 2019 1.30pm – 4.30 pm

59 Cambridge Avenue, near Broadview and Danforth. Details and map The Centering Space

When the rebel spirit and great liberating experiencer that is URANUS finds itself paired up with the immovable force and pragmatic creativity from the energy of TAURUS; what could we face? what could we feel? In this talk Regan Jane, artist & astrologer, explores the energy and potential impact on our contemporary collectives and our own conscious, from this long, outer planet transit of Uranus in Taurus.


Carmen Di Luccio began his journey into astrology in 2006 and has been practicing full time since 2015. He is the astrology writer for Collective-Evolution and has presented for ATI and SOTA.  Carmen has been a member of ATI since 2014 and has been a board member for the 2018/2019 season.


Dasha Tsurkan has been passionate about Astrology and specifically relationship astrology for the better part of 18 years.  Her focus is on the Western methods with Placidus charts , but she *also* incorporates Chinese astrology. Dasha likes to also use her background of University Psychology to help guide the analytical process. She always guarantees in- depth research due to her many aspects in Scorpio / Pluto ..


Michael Zizis is a bridge builder. He considers it important to connect people with their destinations. Michael has been building bridges to the world of spirit since 1974.  Michael has promoted, excited and inspired the public with his insights and compassion.
Michael’s media appearances include: “MacLean At Large” – CTV, Panel Discussions on “Take 30” – CBC Television, “Global News” – Global Television, “CITY-LINE”,”For Your Information”, “Morning-side” – CBC and more.


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