Books for Beginners


TITLE AUTHOR Publisher Date Pages
The Inner Sky Steven Forrest ACS Publications 1988 300
Practical Astrology Priscilla Costello Weiser Books 2008 141
Planets in Play Laurence Hillman Penguin 2007 335
The Art of Chart Interpretation Tracy Marks   2009  
Astrology: A Cosmic Science Isabel M. Hickey CRCS Publications 1990  
Planets in Transit Robert Hand Whitford Press    
Chart Interpretation Handbook:

Guidelines for Understanding the Essentials of the Birth Chart

Stephen Arroyo CRCS Publications 1989  
Key Words for Astrology Hafo Banzhaf  and

Anna Haebler

Weiser 1996  
The Only Way to Learn Astrology Volume One & Two March & McEvers ACS Publications 1992  
Astrology Psychology and the four Elements Stephen Arroyo CRCS Publications 1978  


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