Houses – Keywords


astrology 12  houses

The First House

Angular, Accidental Dignity – Fire

Appearance, how others see you, personality, the physical body, general constitution, first impression on others, birth experience, the mask that you wear, formative influences, how you interface with the world.


The Second House

Succedent, Accidental Dignity – Earth

What you value, self-worth, personal resources, finances, spending habits, money, physical sense of the body, attachments, possessions, pleasure. Investment of time, energy, money, love.

The Third House

Cadent, Accidental Dignity –  Air

Communication, routine functioning of the mind, intellectual endeavor, writing, teaching,

the local neighborhood, siblings, elementary school.

The Fourth House

Angular, Accidental Dignity – Water

Where you belong, home (childhood or adult), roots, heritage, family traditions,

one parent (usually Father), foundations, real estate, security, the tribe, family of origin.

The Fifth House

Succeedent, Accidental Dignity – Fire

Where you have fun, love affairs, creativity, children, amusements, hobbies, entertainment,

gambling, speculative investments, acting and role playing.

The Sixth House

Cadent, Accidental Dignity – Earth

Where you prepare, service, work environment, employment, employees,  health, and health care,

lifestyle, habits, personal refinement, details of life, hygiene, routines, rituals, rites of


The Seventh House

Angular, Accidental Dignity – Air

Projection onto others, relationship, what you seek from others, marriage, one-to-one

interactions, partnerships, open enemies, contracts, lawsuits, counseling relationships,

cooperation or competition, what you learned from your parents about marriage.

The Eighth House

Succedent, Accidental Dignity – Water

Where you share, where you transform, the power dynamics of relationship, who has control

over you, partner’s resources and values, death, sexual intimacy, taxes, the occult, legacies,

wills, inheritance, psychotherapy, secrets.

The Ninth House

Cadent, Accidental Dignity – Fire

The god you worship, the search for truth, meaning and faith, long trips, religion, philosophy,

foreign influences and involvement, higher education, wisdom, ideology, ethics, morals, teachers.

The Tenth House

Angular, Accidental Dignity – Earth

Goals, where you walk your talk, the field of your aspirations,profession, career,

the public self (reputation and social standing), the mark you make, vocation, authority

figures, social role, the other parent (usually mother).

The Eleventh House

Succeedent, Accidental Dignity – Air

Where one reaches out and establishes contacts with the group, friends and social circle,

people of like mind, social or political groups, professional colleagues, social causes and

ideals, hopes and wishes for the future, financial investments

The Twelfth House

Cadent, Accidental Dignity – Water

Where you go to be alone, asylums, ashrams, institutions, hospitals, self-undoing,

secret enemies, past lives, the unconscious, ego transcendence, sacrifice, spiritual connection,

hidden aspects of your life, family secrets.

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