Planets – Keywords

Planets – Keywords

The Sun:The Sun

Principles:  Will, Life, Vitality, Purpose, Day, Consciousness, Father(ing), Power, Aspiration, The Future.

Drives:  To role-play, to be, to express oneself, to create, to individuate, to stand out, to lead to command

Needs:  Validation, acknowledgment, acceptance, recognition, self-expression, risk, prominence, status.

Existential questions:  Who Am I: What is my purpose? Can I be myself? What am I becoming? How am I special?

The Moon:

Principles:  Emotion, Needs, instincts, mother(ing), the family, home, security/insecurity, habits, subconscious,

(night consciousness), the past.

Drives: To be receptive, to belong, to bond, to feel, to react, to support and be supported, to root to merge, to nest.

Needs: Basic – food, shelter, safety, comfort, connection, belonging.

Existential questions: What do I need? Where is My Home? Who (what) is my family? Where am I rooted? Can my needs be met

in the world? Who can I get to mother me?


Principles: Intelligence, communication, mind, language, logic, reasoning, learning, dexterity, mobility, curiosity, exchange of

information and ideas.

Drives:  To communicate, to learn, to name, to classify and categorize, to analyze, to perceive.

Needs: stimulation, interest, variety, information, someone to listen and talk to.

Existential Questions: What’s happening around me? What do I think? How is it all connected? What do I want to learn?


Principles: Love, harmony, balance, interaction, relating, sensuality, value (worth), art, aesthetics, social decorum & tact.

Drives: To relate, to attract, to be value, to beautify, or refine.

Needs: Physical and/or sexual excitement, competition, self-determination

Existential Questions:  What do I value? What is precious to me, What do I find beautiful? What is it worth? What (whom) do I want?

What attracts me?


Principles: Will to action, How one pursues what one wants, vitality, assertion, directness, passion, fight-or-flight.

Drives: To want or desire, to be independent, to have one’s own way, to penetrate, to survive, to take action.

Needs: Physical and/or sexual excitement, competition, self-determination.

Existential Questions: What do I want? What can I do? How can I get what (whom) I want? How can I win? What will I fight for?

How do I separate myself?


Principles: Expansion, judgment, understanding, meaning, pattern recognition, insight, moral values, religion, philosophy, vision,


Drives: To believe or have faith in, to (re)connect to something larger than oneself, to search for meaning, to see the world.

Needs: Faith, trust, meaning, improvement, growth of self, righteousness.

Existential Questions: What do I believe? What is truth? Where am I going? What does it mean? What is good and what is evil?

What do I see?


Principles: Contraction, purpose, structure, parameters, authority, obligation, duty, responsibility, commitment, restriction,

discipline, maturity, efficiency, the right use of resources.

Drives: To crystallize, to build, to learn skills, to conform, to define one’s social/vocational role, to administrate, to maintain.

Needs: Social approval, respect, boundaries, structures, stability, skills.

Existential Questions: What are my limitations?  What can I learn from them? How do I define this? What is my role in the world?

What can, can’t and must I do?


Principles: Idealization, archival mind, revolution, revelation, liberation, deviation, eccentricity, genius, originality,

invention, perversity,.

Drives: To be different, to be free to…, to shock, to liberate, to know.

Needs: Fraternity, liberty, equality, a cause, a structure to rebel against.

Existential Questions: What makes me unique? How am I weird?  What are my ideals? How do I fit into the group/community?

Who are those of like mind? What is Freedom to me?


Principles: Divine Love, universality, compassion, (dis)illusion, confusion, delusion, fusion, deception, mystery, mysticism,

perfection, longing, compassion.

Drives: To escape, to experience altered states of consciousness, to surrender, to suffer.

Needs: Oneness with life, dreams, yearnings, longings, connection to the other side.

Existential Questions: To be or not to be…? What is reality? Can it be trusted? What is greater than I?

What should I surrender to? When is beauty the same as truth? Why can’t I live there…?


Principles: Divine force, fate, decay, death, rebirth, regeneration, transformation, transmutation, elimination, catharsis,

inevitability of natural cycles.

Drives: To destroy, to shed what is unnecessary, to totally transform, to penetrate to the core of experience, to expose,

to bring to light, to drop the persona.

Needs: Purification, surrender of old forms to new ones, shared ecstasy, and unconditional acceptance.

Existential Questions: Is there a purpose? Where is my locus of control? What’s happening beneath the surface? Who is out to get me?

How am I transforming?


Not a planet therefore not subject to principles, drives, needs or existential questions!  Simply this: the south node  tells

the story of your past, where you come from in a past life or early in this one.  What your natural talents and proclivities are.

What you must overcome or integrate to achieve your  north node which symbolizes your spiritual evolutionary direction.

You are not comfortable in it but you can’t stop trying.  It’s good for your soul.  Hard on your psyche.

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