Anne Ortelee in Toronto June 7th, 8th and 9th 2019

Location : TBD

Eris, the Goddess of Discord and Change ~ June 7th 7.30 – 9.30

Mapping your Life ~ June 8th 10.00 am ~ 5.00 pm, June 9th 10.00am  5.00 pm

A two day hands on Astrology Workshop learning and working with various astrology techniques to Map Your Life. Students will first work with the chart of a famous person to learn a technique. After understanding a technique, Students will work with the chart supplied at registration. Students can work with their own chart (suggested) or the chart of a person close to them.

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Techniques covered will include Transits, Secondary Progressions, Lunar Phases, Nodes, Planetary Returns, Solar Arcs, Midpoints, Pinball, and Lifespan Declination. At the conclusion of the Workshop each student will leave with an integrated Map of their Life as well as suggestions and ideas on how to work with their natal potential and upcoming life events.

Often Astrology is taught transit by transit to the natal chart. In this Workshop, we’ll endeavor to see each and every life as a whole, integrated, soul experience. You’ll come to understand how the events of your life combine to create the beautiful kaleidoscope and shimmering tapestry of you. As we fly over your life at 20,000 feet, you’ll integrate the life events, turning points and pivotal moments of your life in a new way.

Please be prepared to supply chart data when you purchase your tickets!

Unfortunately, there are NO walk-ins to the Mapping Your Life Astrology Workshop since students receive a comprehensive customized astrology package of the chart they supplied at registration.

Anne Ortelee lives in New York City where she began her study of astrology in the fall of 1994. (Birth data AA: September 11, 1954, 6:02 p.m. Rochester, NY).

Astrology became her passionate obsession!

anne ORTELEEIn addition to consulting for her clients, Anne teaches classes, workshops and speaks to groups.  She loves to travel to speak to groups interested in Astrology and metaphysics.

Anne is certified by the three major astrology organizations in the United States. She is certified by the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) as a Level 3 Astrologer. She is certified by the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA)  as a PMAFA. She is internationally certified by the International Society for Astrological Research as an ISAR-CAP.  She is a member of AFAN, AFA, ISAR, NCGR and OPA astrology professional organizations.

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Liz Worth ‘The magic of astrology & herbalism’ Jan 12th 2019,1.30pm

59 Cambridge Avenue, near Broadview and Danforth –  The Centering Space

The magic of astrology and herbalism

Astrology and herbs share a long history together. As astrologers, we can use plants to truly embody the rule of “as above, so below” for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. Join Liz Worth to discuss the connection between herbs and astrology, and how you can integrate simple herbalism into your astrological practices.

You will learn:

– The astrological influence of herbs
– How herbs can be used to help us move through challenges we see in a chart
– How herbs can help us to embody specific planetary energies
– Simple ways to connect to the energies of herbs and tap into their astrological properties  Materials included in this hands on workshop to create your personal astrological/herbal incense; bring your chart!

About Liz Worth 

Liz Worth is a Toronto-based astrologer, tarot reader, and author. She uses tarot and astrology to help people find clarity, guidance, and purpose. Liz regularly offers workshops and seminars about tarot, astrology, and ritual, believing that these are tools everyone can learn and benefit from.

In 2017, she was included in Flare’s How I Made It list, which is a roundup of 100 Canadian businesswomen. Her horoscopes have appeared in Flare Magazine and Spiral Nature, and she has delivered lectures on astrology, tarot, and magic at Readers Studio in New York City, the Northwest Tarot Symposium in Portland, Oregon, the Inaugural Love and Light Marathon in Montreal, and more.

You can reach Liz at



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Rey dela Merced ~ “Shedding Light on Aversion” ~ Saturday November 17th 2018 @ 1.30pm ~4.30 pm


Aversion from the Latin “aversus” meaning turned away.  Planets have greater access to its resources, it has control, knowledge, consistency in what it produces and can protect its domicile when in can “see”  (aspect by whole sign aspect) its domicile or the sign/house it rules.  But if it is averse then there is “darkness” (unconsciousness), ignorance of what it going on, lack of control, inconsistency, and lack of communication.

Knowing the places of aversion in our chart will allow us to become more aware and conscious and thus shed light, to that area of our life.  The use of profections, solar revolution (solar return) in timing the activation of the issues/challenges that aversion brings about will be covered in the lecture.  The traditional use of Lots, – the Lot of Fortune and Lot of Marriage in particular – what happens when the lord of the Lot is averse to the Lot will be demonstrated.

How to use the graphic ephemeris in timing profection, solar revolution and transits.

I will be using celebrity and client charts as examples to show the practical application of the various concepts.


Rey graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at the University of St. Thomas, Manila, Philippines. He also holds several certificates in industrial design and automation.

He completed Robert Zoller’s Medieval Astrology and Chris Brennan’s Hellenistic Astrology courses. He has also achieved CAAE’s Level 3. Rey is currently finishing QHP (Qualified Horary Practitioner) diploma course under Hideaki Kokubu, one of Olivia Barcley’s original students. He is a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. During weekends he also teaches Kali, Arnis, Escrima, Muay Thai, and grappling.

He has written articles on the Qabala and astrology for “The Equinox” magazine (Philippines), the horoscope column for “Balita” (a Filipino-Canadian newspaper), and the CAAE newsletter.

Despite the fact that he specializes in Hellenistic and Medieval (Persian and Arabic, early Latin) astrology, he still uses a few of modern astrology’s techniques, tools, and concepts.

Contact Rey at

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Bev Rostant ~ Medical Astrology ~ September 22nd 2018 1.30 – 4.30 pm ~ Inner Arts Collective


This workshop teaches the history of Medical Astrology, tension aspects in the chart, Medical Astrology symbolism for planets, signs and houses as well as using your own chart to see some of the patterns and how to recognize and read them. Bring your own chart along to work with and discuss among the group

Beverley Rostant

Bev has counseled clients nationally and internationally since 1990. She has lectured multiple times at SOTA. Bev retired from Medical Laboratory Science in 2010 a field that she previously held a license in since 1977.

Since her retirement she has been able to feed her passion for Astrology on a full time basis. She has been researching medical aspects of Astrology through her wide database comparing the old methods with new methodology. .

Bev received a Certificate of Completion for Horary Astrology taught by Alphee Lavoie 2015, as well as two recognition awards at Kingston General Hospital for Teamwork and Initiating a Laboratory Newsletter 2006.
Bev has also received recognition for sitting on the Kingston Whig Standard Editorial Board in 2002.

To contact Bev go to

Astrology Courses Offered

Basic Astrology C.A.A.E. Level I
Intermediate Astrology C.A.A.E. Level II
Medical Astrology
Progressed/ Solar Return Series
All classes are taught online through the C.A.A.E. and her website at your own pace. For more information about her courses go to

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Astrology Toronto Annual General Meeting 2018 Notice


The date of the next Astrology Toronto Annual General Meeting is July 14, 2018 starting at 1:30 p.m., location to be determined.

NOTE: You must be a paid-up member to attend this event.

If you do not know your current membership status, contact our membership secretary
 Melina Crane via our email address:

Please RSVP if you plan on attending.

When the location has been chosen, those who RSVP will be contacted with the location information. You will receive a reminder of this meeting closer to the date.

Election Notice and Call for Nominations

At this time, there are 10 members of Astrology Toronto Inc.  willing to serve on the Board of Directors.

The Astrology Toronto Bylaws specify in article 10 that:

“Elections for vacant positions on the executive committee of Astrology Toronto Inc. shall be held annually, typically at the AGM, as required.”

However at this time there are no vacancies.  The following are directors of the Board and their titles and a new candidate:

Joan Bennell Co-President, Vice-President

Julie Simmons Co-President, Vice-President

Jennifer Samuels Secretary*

Anne-Marie MacDonell  Treasurer

Elena Picceli Member-at-Large

Melina Crane Member-at-Large

Marilyn Mazzotta Member-at-Large

Christine McDonald Member-at-large

Jane Sloan Member-at-Large

Charm Torres (new)



While our Constitution and the requirements of Government Services Ontario require that we have a President and Vice-President, at the last Election we opted for non-hierarchical form of governance hoping to move towards a more collaborative way of working.  This has worked well and we hope to continue in that vein.

If Nominating by Email

Nominations must be seconded to be valid, and the person nominated must validate that in fact, they want to run for the position.

Thus for an email nomination to be valid, there are three emails required:

  • One from the person making the nomination
  • One from the person seconding the nomination
  • One from the person being nominated

Of course, all the persons involved in a nomination must be paid-up members.

At this point there are no vacancies on the Board, but some may appear by July 14th

The Executive will be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Nominations will also be accepted from the floor of the meeting.

*Note: The position if Secretary has lately become available

If you are interested in serving on the Board or Executive, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at

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