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Mark the Dates! July 20th, July 21st & July 22nd 2018

Christeen Skinner returns to Toronto

Christeen Skinner

Contact: Janet Markham jaylynn37@gmail.com; www.janetmarkham.com

Priscilla Costello: pac@idirect.com; www.priscillacostello.com


Navigating to and through 2020 Julie Simmons

An astrological exploration of planetary pictures for the world and the individuals who live in it.

 As our world continues to get more and more chaotic it’s easy to catastrophize about our experience. Catastrophe is contagious. Even so, Zorba’s wisdom is solid: To be human is to participate in the Full Catastrophe: Life. Even so it is true that some of us are indeed already caught in the chaos of these times.  One of the guiding principles of my astrological mind is my deep belief that, no matter what our circumstance, we were born Navigating through 2020to these times; we are the ones to carry it forward.

When: September 24 – 29, 2018

The year 2020 stands out as a turning point for this rather extreme adventure Earthlings seem to be on. Whether you are in a position to change the world or simply your world, astrology is an incredibly useful tool for envisioning what is required and how you, as an individual, may step up to those requirements.

Using your actual horoscope placed against the backdrop of the world as it is and appears to be heading, we will look for exactly these things and do some charting of the course from where we stand in the present to where we are headed.                                      This will be a small, intimate group. Each person will have time to focus and process the information. The idea is that we will look for your strongest challenges as well as the gifts that can help you deal with them.


We will gather in the Lot & Garonne region in south west France at a most beautiful, comfortable retreat: Pech Gris. This region is the former home of Eleanor of Aquitaine, the courageous, outspoken Queen of France and then England, mother of Richard the Lionheart. A force of nature herself.

More details and to sign-up http://juliesimmons.ca/the-way-leads-on/

Julie Simmons

About the instructor                                                                                            Julie has been an astrologer since the early 1970s which tells you a lot. Once bitten by the astrological frame of mind there was no turning back. it’s a lifelong passion which lends itself to all sorts of symbolic languages including tarot. She is first and foremost a writer, teacher and interpreter of astrology. As above, so below.If you would like to learn more about her life story you can find information here.



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