Franco: Medicine by the Numbers

Saturday, April 18th 2020
The Centering Space, 59 Cambridge Avenue
Near Broadview and Danforth.
Details and map The Centering Space
$25 at the door (cash or cheque)
Free for members (sign up)

Can physical ailments be determined using astrology?  Many astrologers will look at an aspect or zodiacal placements and claim they have found a trend or a pattern.  However, were those criteria confirmed or tested scientifically? In this workshop, you will receive some techniques on how to conduct a study on your own.  You will examine diseases such as lung cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, and alcoholism using statistical techniques and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to create astrological models to make predictions.   

Franco is somewhat of a Renaissance Man: Astrologer, a mechanical engineer by day, musician, a runner, omnimancer, and energy worker.   He has spoken at various Astrology conferences in North America, Italy and India. He has been published in various publications including the Mountain Astrologer, Dell Horoscope, the Well Being Journal, and Frank Clifford’s book Book of Musical Horoscopes. He is the co-director of Alphee Lavoie’s Astrological Investigators, an astrological research group that sets out to verify or discover astrological phenomena.  He can be reached at: