International Astrology Day – POSTPONED

Hello Astrology Toronto Community,
We regret to inform you that we have to postpone our annual International Astrology Day (IAD)  Event this Saturday, March 21st, indefinitely. We will update you if this changes.
Every year we hold a free mini-reading event as an offering to our community. Unfortunately, due to the current overwhelming state of the world, we were unable to secure enough volunteer readers to run the event. We want thank our generous volunteers who have provided your interest, we are always grateful for your generosity and willingness to serve! As well, these mini-readings are often great for practice. Hopefully, there will be another opportunity in the future.
We hope all of you are taking care of yourselves during these hard times. We will see you in April. More updates will come soon.


To commemorate International Astrology Day, members of Astrology Toronto will be offering free 10 minute mini readings to the public. Explore your destiny and life’s path. Please come by and bring a friend! You will leave with a free printed copy of your chart.