Meet the Board 2019 – 2020

Jennifer Fukushima – President

Jennifer Fukushima has been a student of astrology since 2004. She studied under Julie Simmons and also earned her NCGR-PAA Level 2 (soon to be Level 3). Jennifer spent the first 17 years of her career as an ethical fashion designer, her line was carried in stores across Canada. She is now studying psychotherapy and astrology with interest in both modern and classical techniques. She was elected to the ATI board as secretary in 2018 and looks forward to continuing her work in the astrological community. Jenn likes birds, cycling, music, textiles and going to the beach.

Julie Simmons – Vice President

Julie Simmons has been an astrologer for over 40 years. She counsels individuals, teaches workshops and writes about astrology. She is the author of ‘Earned Wisdom’, ‘Astrology’s 12 Great Myths’ and ‘Passion Signs’.

She tweets the moon’s sign and phase  on twitter at: juliesimmonsast

You can find her at

Liz Miller – Secretary

Liz Miller became an Astrology Toronto member about 10 years ago, as her interest in astrology took root. Over this period, she has listened to hundreds of podcasts, webinars, videos, and attended numerous workshops and lectures. All these mediums have helped her explore astrology’s usefulness as a reflective tool, helping her and her clients to live life more consciously.

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Elena Piliegi – Treasurer & Librarian

Elena Piliegi is an aspiring astrology student since 2016. She joined ATI and the board in 2017, first serving as member at large and then as a librarian and the treasurer. She also enjoys composing short poems. Here is one:

Astrology is such an amazing tool
I believe it should be taught at every school
If only people learned how to read their charts
There would be much less grief and broken hearts
The life would be more satisfying and great
As many calamities would be explained
I’m so fortunate to learn this amazing art
I love Astrology from the deep of my heart!

Joan Bennell – Newsletter, Website & Social Media

Joan’s working career centred on Information Technology including senior technical positions, senior director level of management and Program/Project management. Joan has studied astrology with the CAAE and others since 2003 and obtained the CAAE Diploma in 2009.

Joan revived the ATI organization in 2007, which had been put on hold in 2006, and served as President until 2015. Under her watch the Annual featured speaker event was initiated, the Astrology Basics workshop, the AGM/BBQ and many other initiatives, still in place today.

Joan is also a member and on the board of the CAAE; NCGR and others.  As an enthusiastic genealogist and a member of several genealogy organizations, including board membership, she was a part of the AstroAncestry team that began the exploration of the relationships between them.

Joan looks forward to continuing as editor of the successful newsletter & updating and maintaining the website.

Melina Crane – Membership Coordinator

Melina retired from a clerical career in accounting 10 years ago, and moved back to the city of Toronto from Brampton where she was working at the time. Her hobbies include long bike rides, exploring the city, yoga, looking after 5 precious grandchildren, and astrology. Melina is currently the membership co-ordinator for Astrology Toronto.

Charm Torres – Event Organizer

Charm Torres is a professional astrologer and tarot reader providing client consultations since 2017. She mixes modern psychological principles and ancient Hellenistic traditions in her astrology practice. Charm provides natal, forecasting and locational astrology consultations and tarot readings. She is a board member of Astrology Toronto, a non-profit organization serving the Toronto astrology community since 1991. Charm writes horoscopes for Hey Dewdrop and has been featured in Global News OnlineNFLUX Magazine and Beside Online Magazine. Charm writes content on her social media channels aiming to make astrology accessible for all. You can find out more about her at

Rain Chan – Member-at-Large

Rain (pronouns: they/them) is currently a volunteer counsellor at the 519, while also studying Chinese Medicine. Rain was the co-founder of Where Are You From? Collective (WAYF Collective), an art based activism program for people who identify as Asian (including Southeast Asian, South Asian, East Asians, Asian-Pacific Islander). WAYF offers workshops for youth, running arts events, and creating an online platform for self-representation. WAYF works from to empower Asian youth to develop critical art practices and build activist spaces that challenge dominant culture after decades of collective silence. WAYF’s mission is to celebrate Asian identities and achievements, build capacity for Asian-identified youth, and connect diasporic Asian communities so that Asians can create intentional dialogue that disrupts status quo.

Rain has facilitated many workshops for youth addressing issues of oppression, gender, sexuality, and consent.

Rain finds peace and balance through writing poetry, performance, and various forms of visual arts. Rain’s play The Virus was runner-up for Pat the Dog Theatre Creation 24-playwriting contest. Rain’s writing has been published inPink InkProject as[I]Am, Project 40 Collective and many othersRain’s play Lullaby for the Abandoned was showcased at the New Ideas Festival and Cahoots Theatre Company’s LIFT OFF! Festival.

These days, Rain enjoys consuming artworks created by marginalized communities. Studying astrology and offering readings for the community has been one of the most transformative and healing endeavors that Rain has ever embarked on.

Anne-Marie MacDonell – Member-at-Large

Anne-Marie has been a member of ATI for 8 years, a board member since 2011 and treasurer since September 2013. Her interest in heritage and the study of all things Celtic led her to study astrology and other esoteric paths. She enjoys ATI`s monthly seminars and the people she has come to know from these encounters.

Deborah Westlake – Member-at-Large

Deborah Westlake began her studies in Astrology in the mid 1980s, taking various courses towards the goal of certification. She studied and worked with highly respected teachers in the field, notably Donna Van Toen, her main teacher and mentor. She has been a professional astrologer for over 25 years, and is a member of Astrology Toronto and past member of the Canadian Association of Astrological Education (CAAE) where she received a certificate in Astrological Counselling. She specializes in providing intuitive, personalized and detailed natal chart interpretation.  She is a Reiki Master, interested in herbology and is in the process of developing a webpage/blog called astroShimmer.

Liz Worth – Member-at-Large

Liz Worth is a Toronto-based astrologer, tarot reader, and author. She uses tarot and astrology to help people find clarity, guidance, and purpose. Liz regularly offers workshops and seminars about tarot, astrology, and ritual, believing that these are tools everyone can learn and benefit from.

In 2017, she was included in Flare’s How I Made It list, which is a roundup of 100 Canadian businesswomen. Her horoscopes have appeared in Flare Magazine and Spiral Nature, and she has delivered lectures on astrology, tarot, and magic at Readers Studio in New York City, the Northwest Tarot Symposium in Portland, Oregon, the Inaugural Love and Light Marathon in Montreal, and more.

Watercolour portraits by Elena Pilieci.