Synastry and Composites: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Dasha Tsurkan will be presenting the topic of relationships by focusing on the main love planets and how they operate within relationships: Moon, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto. She will also discuss a few of the Volatile Love asteroids: Black Moon Lilith, and Chiron. Dasha will present examples from celebrity stories and will demonstrate aspects in Synastry and Composite charts. Attendees will receive a small glass vial which will contain a love-related keepsake charm. Attendees are advised to prepare some general love questions. 

Dasha Tsurkan is an Astrologer with a degree in Psychology from York University. She uses a very intuitive approach with clients and her niche audience are people interested in Relationship analysis, marriage consultations, and synastry /composites. She also likes working on Life path astrology, Solar Returns, Financial astrology, and Horary charts.

Having MC in Scorpio and Fortune in Scorpio, Dasha’s favourite approach to astrology is one of deep research and investigative full-bodied results. You can contact her on Facebook and on her website at

Saturday, January 11th 2020
The Centering Space, 59 Cambridge Avenue
Near Broadview and Danforth
$25 at the door (cash or cheque)
Free for members (sign up)