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Next Workshop:

Christina Becker  –

Saturday October 28th 2017 ~ 1.30 pm ~ 4.30 pm The Centering Space

“Personality as PATH: Using the astrological chart to enhance our individuation journey”

JungianJungian psychology and astrology are maps with which we understand and explore the human condition, and come to an understanding into the mystery of human soul and its development. There is an amazing synergy between the symbolic life of the SOUL that was described by Carl Jung, and the our understanding of the natal chart.  Our natal chart reflects our wholeness in potential and that it is our life’s task (individuation project) to bring as much our natal chart into incarnation as possible. (i.e. personality as path) This lecture / workshop bridges the concepts of individuation with how to work with the astrological chart to deepen our experience of ourselves and our life journey.

Upcoming Workshop:

Franco : Back to the Future – Converse Predictive Events

Saturday November 18th 2017 @ 1.30 pm ~ 4.30 pm

Many people think converse are a pair of shoes worn by New Wavers.  How can going backwards in time help you make predictions in the future? Franco can be a trickster like Mercury.  When Mercury was born, he stole all of Apollo’s cows by making them walk backwards so their hoof prints ended where he stole them from!  Come join Franco in this predictive workshop where he will march you back through the chart.


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